Who is Arcadia?

A new microbrand watch company with the vision of embracing the latest scientific material(s) advances with urban watch designs.  Like many great ideas, it began with “Why Isn’t there…?”  In our case it was an accurate, easy to read field watch utilizing newest technologies and materials…such as graphene.  Fortunately, the Arcadia team has decades of experience in instrument design and manufacture.  The latter included pocket transits, rugged field optics and hiking navigational aids.    

Understanding the rigors and trying conditions found in rugged field environments were essential.  Our team’s watch design expertise complements our understanding of leading design-build techniques to assure high quality, reliability…and aesthetics.

Where does the Arcadia name come from?

It started with a fall motorcycle trip to Maine, Vermont etc. to enjoy the fall colors.  Inspired by Maine’s famous Acadia National Park…we were driving back to the Rocky Mountains and thought that adding an “r” to Acadia was a great sounding name. Thinking we had something original, we decided to check Dr. Google and found out that in European Renaissance arts, Arcadia was celebrated as an unspoiled, harmonious wilderness…a sort of utopia if you will.  The serenity of the name was appealing so we stuck with it.

What is graphene?

Theorized in the 1940’s, isolated in 2004 and resulting in the issuance of the Nobel Prize to the research pair, graphene is an allotrope of carbon.  It is truly a remarkable material:

  • 200X stronger than steel
  • 2 dimensional (one atom thick)
  • Can flex 20% without damage
  • More conductive than copper without the heat buildup
  • Conducts heat 10X better than copper
  • Corrosion resistant and antimicrobial

Since graphene is currently being made synthetically, it is costly to produce and sells at retail for about $100/gram.  This truly remarkable discovery has the potential to transform almost every industry from space travel to electronics to efficient desalination.  This remarkable discovery has been described as like finding CERN’s Large Hadron Collider on your desk

What is DuraPhene?

DuraPhene is the brand name of the graphene/enhanced case coating.  The application of the coating is outsourced to a sophisticated U. S. coating facility that performs work for DARPA, NASA and private enterprises.  DuraPhene proprietary coating(s) are designed to essentially become part of the substrate matrix which offers superior strength and adherence. In simpler terms, the material is thermally fused to the substrate.

The benefits of DuraPhene include:

Corrosion protection Anti-glare and slick Wear / abrasion resistance Anti-microbial Enhanced hardness (+9 Rockwell)

Where are orders received and shipped from?

All orders originate and are shipped from the United States.

What is the warranty?

We offer a one (1) year international warranty from date of purchase.  The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

What does 5ATM mean? 

ATM is short for atmospheres.  1ATM is sea level.  5ATM indicates that the watch is water resistant to 5 atmospheres or about 40 meters.  While Arcadia watches have “o” ring seals…we recommend keeping the watch out of the water to avoid damaging the leather band.

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